Eamon Mc Grenaghan – creator of the HEALEXUS HEALING SYSTEM

“As a freelance IT consultant, I like most people had very little time for spiritual development, preferring instead to focus on business success and the acquisition of worldly goods. Indeed I could never see the point of mindfulness, meditation and all that other woowoo new age stuff that others seem to get so excited about.  It was only when a close family member got very sick that I decided to look outside the box for a cure for something that was supposedly incurable. Little did I know that a chance encounter with a spiritual healer around this time was about to change life’s journey overnight. She passed to me a gift to help people heal. Little did I know back then what a life changing event this was to be. Even after using what I had discovered to help many people, I continued to work on as a computer consultant as something told me I had still so much to learn before embarking on my healing journey.

So feeling encouraged by early successes, I started exploring the world of metaphysics, subtle energies, spirituality and miracle healers.

I soon discovered that a ‘healer” is better described as a catalyst between the health seeker and the resources that required to effect the healing. Indeed some healers were creating energy tools as far back as the 1950s to provide health seekers with the means to heal themselves and overcome barriers preventing the healing stay in place. These healing tools became the healing catalyst rather than the healer and opened up the doors to offer healing on a much larger scale than any individual could accomplish on a 1:1 basis. After struggling for almost 6 months to replicate the efforts of others, the solution appeared unexpectedly in a dream I had whilst meditating. The healing solution given to me which I named ‘Healexus’ now forms the basis of Healexus Psychoenergetics Therapy (HPT). HPT offers a systematic approach to uncovering and then addressing underlying issues that can manifest as physical and emotional issues within the body and continue for extended periods of time. Healexus Psychoenergetics Therapy is a diagnostic energy healing therapy designed to help heal people of all ages and walks of life. I look forward to helping you self heal soon.”

Eamon Mc Grenaghan